It’s rare these days that an upcoming artist has a back catalogue with no misses. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish when you’re finding your feet in the industry but uniivrss makes it seem as easy as breathing. Every track he drops has a differing flow that is just as intoxicating as what came before it, his lyrics are cold as ice with them packing the kickback of a shotgun and the beats are immaculate, creating a lush vibe that’s perfect for 3AM drives where all you’re doing is clearing your mind. His best song for me is running out of love, a track he previously released on Soundcloud before deciding it was time for it to get the full rollout treatment because, as I’m sure you’ll realised after one listen, it’s on hell of a track. You blast this out of your speaker anywhere you go and everyone will ask the same question, “Who’s song is that and does he have more?” Honestly you’ll struggle to find an artist who has the same magnetic power that he has. Anyone who hears the luscious tone of his voice with his dynamic flow, fascinating beats and compelling hooks that you struggle to get out of your head, becomes an instant fan.

The hype around uniivrss is building, the momentum he has is growing and the hype train will soon be leaving the station. Be sure to grab your ticket and hop onto him now before the world catches on because, let’s face it, it won’t be too long.