If you’re a fan of A$AP ROCKY then the alternative hip-hop/rap artist hailing from uptown Manhattan in a neighbourhood called Inwood right next to Dyckman 4KPHIL is someone you’re gonna want to hop onto. I first got introduced to him with his single Barnacle Boy but never found the time to give it the love it thoroughly deserved, luckily I’m not gonna make that same mistake with Truancy.

It takes less that two seconds for this track to have you hook. A string section comprised of layer violin opens the single with a nostalgic beat pulsating through the back. The two polymerise with one another to form a harmonious bond, maintaining a sense of grandeur throughout the piece whilst 4KPHIL delivers an emotionally charged performance. Each word is drenched with passion, weaving a together a sonic tapestry of a story that we follow, and slowly become enamoured by.

With just 2470 monthly listeners, it’s clear as day that 4KPHIL is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be unearthed. Through his work you can see his fiery passion that burns through the harshest of storms, and shines bright in amidst the darkness. He said it himself, “I never wanted anything more in my life more than I want than this.”