Arguably one of the most underrated musicians around right now for the sheer quality of music he produces, 2022 was the year that Walter The Producer announced himself to the underground scene. He dropped a string of singles that ranged from vibe filled delights that you could play on a scorching summers day, to more intimate numbers showcasing his passionate vocal over the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. Through this process he crafted himself a distinct sound, when you hear the woozy guitar, hazy melodies, and uniquely toned vocals you know it’s him from the offset. Now he opens his 2023 account with, arguably, his best song to date.

Up until this point we’ve only heard Walter’s mid-register, but now he takes up an octave by blessing us with his emphatic falsetto in Whatcha Kno. It pierces through the alternative production like the moon in the pitch black sky, creating a harmonious balance with the deeper tones of the production. Ebbing a flowing like a river, the track oscillates with Walter’s enticing vocal performance, making a powerful connection with the musician that makes you want to dive headfirst into his back catalogue and experience it all. Top quality stuff from an insanely underrated musician.