If you’re a fan of Phoebe Bridgers of Maggie Rogers then the Cincinnati native Abby Holliday is someone you need to hop onto. Her hushed vocal shines as she softly croons introspective lyrics that examine her external worlds as a skeptic (not a cynic) and internal world with honesty (not cruelty) making her sound as authentic as can be. Dreams is a track that I believe lives and breathes this statement. Every word is pure poetry, dissecting her own wandering thoughts as she ponders what life is all about, “My train of thought travels / at the speed of lightning or something faster / I wonder what it means,” before drifting off to the land of sleep to dream about what she could one day be. It’s a slow burn with the production quietly building up to an emotive finale where she experiences all she could ever want and we feel that euphoria with her, only to be woken up the next morning and solemnly croon the final lyric, “Bravery isn’t reserved for dreamers.” Take your pick of any lyric in this track and there is a tattoo for someone. Genuinely each one is so beautifully written it becomes hard not to get lost in them.

Through her journal entries that she calls songs, Holliday invites you to be as authentic with yourself as possible. Never lying to yourself about the world around you or what goes on inside your head and instead push yourself to become who you want to be, even if it seems impossible. Beautifully sentimental, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in her sonic musings.