Kathleen Frances has one of those voices that would perfectly fit within an old cathedral or the stone walls of Notre Dame. It’s a spiritual experience with her enchanting vocal making her each poetic lyric she utters paint a celestial image before you that creates a mystical wonder that only our mind could replicate. I’d akin her music to that of a calm winters night, frost begins to settle down across the grass as the soft sounds of birds chirping echoes in the background with a cold brisk breeze gently caressing your body with the moon shining above, making you feel completely at ease. Her work is awe-inspiring and manages to capture the majesty of life in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Her latest track Shout Love is magic personified. The Bristolian’s existential thoughts threaten to overwhelm her as the night-time creeps in, rather than let those thoughts consume her she goes on a late night drive with this track living and breathing that sentiment. Her celestial voice contrasts the ominous tone of the tale, reminiscent of street lights piercing through the darkness, as her spine-tingling melodies elegantly float across the magnetic production. Hypnotic from start to finish, I imagine this is what you hear as you transcend through the clouds.