If you’ve listened to our Discovery playlist this past month (which you really should if you want some dope music) then chances are you’ve heard abreu’s music before. The young artist from Miami has been crafting music for four years but only started releasing it at the back end of 2022, wanting to create the sound he envisioned before letting the world hear what’s been happening in his bedroom. It’s safe to say that the wait was more than worth it, he’s yet to drop a bad track and with each release we’re seeing his musicality rise to frighteningly good heights.

SMALL WAYS hits that sweet spot with his sonic world, standing at a crossroads between bitter-sweet nostalgia and lingering regret. The intimate production provides a minimalistic backing to abreu’s idiosyncratic vocal, expressing the narrative he’s lived with the utmost conviction whilst never over-dramatically conveying his pain to us. His voice remains raw, not going for long belts or grand moments, instead remaining at a quiet whisper that makes the emotion all the more real. I can already see this being featured on countless playlists with ‘depressed’ in the title, heck I know I’m gonna be playing this when I need to get wrapped up in my feels again.