Unfortunately we’re now entering the winter months of the year where everything around us loses that vibrant tinge the summer months bring. Luckily for us however, that warm sensation of sun rays dancing across our skin is something we can feel all year round with ADAORA’s latest sun-kissed single. Known for her tantalising rhythmic beats, that could’ve come straight from the 70’s disco era, and a laidback vocal that is reminiscent of Sade, ADAORA’s music will effortlessly put a smile on your face and transport you to a bliss filled summer paradise.

Pictures in Lagos was, funnily enough, written during her time in Lagos, Nigeria, and serves as an ode to capturing the small moments in life that bring us most joy. Living in the moment and using your mind as a camera to take a snapshot of all around you, creating core memories in the process. Her distinct vocal radiates charisma, adding a natural flair to the soundscape as the infectious production gets your foot tapping and body moving. Before too long you’ll be tripping the light fantastic as her melodies wrap around you and the good vibes slowly give your body a much needed serotonin boost.