‘Drifting’ is Khamari’s much anticipated follow up to his last release, ‘Doctor, My Eyes’, and is supported in production by industry heavyweight Johan Lenox who has worked on projects with artists like Kanye West, Nas, Shawn Mendes, and most recently – Khamari. 

His discography is only chalked up with 8 tracks so far, but this offering continues to elaborate on the universe that he has been sharing through his artistry. 

Tonally, the track is driven by melodic piano and is elevated even further by the precise use of strings to harness the emotions being explored; and the production leaves the listener with an overarching feeling that is best explained by the sensation described in the title of the track, drifting

‘Drifting’ is a tale of seeking escapism through over indulgence and always wanting more. He is constantly looking around for a new distraction or ‘another shot of dopamine’ whether through a person or by any other means necessary. Khamari brings a voice to the struggle in the pursuit of finding his place in the world, and wants nothing more than to escape it and feel something like ‘a brief nirvana’. This is a beautiful follow up to his past work, and it surely will leave us floating until we hear from him again