The emotions that come with living can be difficult to handle sometimes, and this is a theme that Aimee Vant has managed to bring a sound to time and time again. I’m not going to lie to you, this song hurts. And at the same time, it’s everything that you need to hear. 

Trash is the first single and title track of Vant’s upcoming 5 track EP, and Vant herself said that, “My co-writers and I wrote ‘Trash’ as a form of therapy. We had all been feeling hopeless and therefore the only outlet became this song.” 

The song itself transitions through a wave of sound that carries emotionally heavy energy and a cinematic build that at times is loud enough to blow out your speakers, and then softly retreats back to her singing gently over a stripped back acoustic guitar. 

‘Trash’ gives us her perspective on the moments where all she wants is to be happy, but that couldn’t be further from how she feels. It’s painful. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s Aimee Vant doing what she does best. 

I’m both grateful and sorry that you have to hear this song because she will make you confront the emotions you have had bottled up inside for too long, and then allow them to come out through a cathartic and meaningful release.