Monét Ngo recently released his debut EP “After School Club” with a loaded tracklist of alternative indie-rock vibes. My personal favourite and stand out track was “West Side Story” a certified must-listen. Immediately from the beginning of the track you hear a gripping electric guitar strum setting you up to take on anything the day throws at you. Monét’s voice is the perfect pair for this tune as he delivers a raw alt-rock sound reminiscent of a boy bands leading man. 

This track is fun and energizing, with the ability to land it self on a wide variety of playlists. It’s giving coming of age movie sound track vibes, very main character. Something for your walk to work, drive down the coast, or background tune when getting things done. Carrying us into fall this EP is filled with a variety of sounds and songs that fit the season and bring the vibes. 

Now that I’ve convinced you to listen I’d like to get into the details of who Monét Ngo is as his story is quite interesting. Monét is a Vietnamese-American school teacher who finds peace and release in creating music after a long day in the class room. He describes The After School Club as “…anything you make it. It’s a lesson, it’s a second home, but most of all it’s a place where you aren’t alone.” 

The overall narrative of the entire EP encompasses Monét’s own personal coming of age story. The collection of tracks listen through beautifully, stream from front to back and journey along through the overcoming of always feeling like an outcast, “loser”, or someone on the sidelines. Keep an eye out for the focus track “Bleachers” it’s an inspiring and motivational piece to emphasise Monet’s personal growth on a positive and truly invincible note.