When you’re young the world seems like such a magical place where anything is possible, everything is new, bright and it fills you with an unbridled optimism that gives you a sense of jubilance that cannot be toppled. However as we grow older our views of the world slowly begin to change, we begin to discover things about this globe that we reside on that leaves us questioning more about what is good in the world as opposed to what was bad. It’s a cultural shift that happens to the majority of us during adolescence that sees us move from one world to another.

A’Donzo’s latest single dissects this transition in his sultry ballad This World that shows off his sublime vocal prowess that is reminiscent of The Weeknd mixed with a bit of Frank Ocean. The profound lyricisms expand upon this enigmatic subject matter whilst the production, comprising of Jazzy keys and hard-hitting somber R&B beats, allows them to be put into the spotlight as the high flying vocal pierces through it all and delivers them with an unbridled amount of passion and frenzied emotion.