In modern culture self-destructive beauty has become much more common where by just glancing down at our phone we can feel the self-hate for ourself rise within out mind. We as humans often victimise ourself with the toxic thoughts within our mind telling us we’re not good enough for something, that we’re failing at life or even when someone compliments us and is jut makes us feel worse because we don’t believe it. It’s something we’re all struggling with and CELIIN tackles it with undeniable beauty and precisions with her latest dramatic track Marilyn.

“If beautiful things don’t ask for attention, why do I feel the need to scream,” is an utterly spellbinding lyrics that sums up the defenseless message the track bring perfectly. The production has an air of Florence + The Machine to it with an over the top theatricality from the grandeur of the orchestral soundscape fusing with the magnificence of the synth melodies. This sonic experience has this ability to sweep you away into her emotionally evocative world where her soul-stirring vocals offer kind but clear whipping to this toxic mindset that is the perfect end to her climatic First of the Love Letters trilogy.