Years before releasing his debut single Danny George was a prolific behind-the-scene songwriter which is clear to see within all of his solo material with his pensive songwriting containing an emotional weight behind it that comes cascading down upon you as you hear his fervent lyrics. Having honed his talents within the neon lit streets of London the artist decided to look for greener pastures and uprooted himself to Stockholm where he began to use the gorgeous scenery for inspiration during lockdown to create a vibrant soundscape and self directed music video for his electrifying new single Thinking Out Loud.

Dissecting dating in the modern age the lyricisms showcase his unwavering quest to find love within the digital era as his divinely smooth vocals with their earnest tone gently invite you into his headspace of swirling emotion. However the highlight of this piece is the production, you can hear the painstaking craftsmanship that has gone into this with the orchestral strings intertwining with the luscious synth melodies as the gang harmonies back up his rich vocal that tirelessly evokes heartfelt emotion. This Brit based in Sweden is a real hot prospect right now.