Josh Fudge has become a regular appearance on this site over the past few months with the 18 year old artist from Oklahoma City consistently expanding the warped and woozy sonic universe he’s spent his young adolescent years crafting. His rich soundscape adds an understated beauty to the more melancholy moments of life with the coruscating synths and downbeat percussion creating a vibrant backdrop for his pensive lyricisms to make these sad times feel like a moment worth living. It’s a juxtaposition that has made him one of our personal favourites and a lot of others judging by his ever rising Spotify numbers.

Today he’s unveiled a psychedelic bedroom pop piece titled Summer Something that details the bittersweet reality that two lovers will have to split after summer’s end, tragically however this won’t be like Grease where they end up moving to the same school. As the pensive lyrics narrate this story of heartbreak you find yourself getting taken on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that will have you remembering the unadulterated highs of love whilst also reminiscing over the crushing lows that come when the love comes to its tragic end. No matter what the subject matter, the candid writings of Josh Fudge never fails to excite us.