When you look at someone through rose-tinted glasses all the red flags just look like flags, often leading to a torrid time when the spectacle’s lenses finally break. That’s what the 19 year old wunderkind Aidan Bissett recently discovered after falling for a girl who openly admitted that he wasn’t her usual type and didn’t see herself with a guy like him. Whilst this comment would often result in someone moving on or abandoning the idea of them being together, Bissett took the opposite approach and continued to pursue her which ultimately lead to his heart shattering. In a matter of moments he went from being filled with love to blasting out Taylor Swift in his car, and writing a song to let his torment out.

Tripping Over Air takes heartbreak and transforms it into an exhilarating alt-pop anthem, perfect for concerts where you can scream every word back at him with the same vigour of his performance. He doesn’t mince his words and remains honest as can be throughout, not disguising his feelings through a myriad of metaphors or falsely worded statements, instead letting his lyrics showcase his unfiltered thoughts for this moment. You feel his anger through the raw guitar riffs whilst his vocal evokes a more somber tone, all before the chorus arrives and lets you unleash your pent up angst in one big emotional eruption of grand proportions.

“‘Tripping Over Air’ came together after the girl I was seeing told me that she wouldn’t usually see herself with a guy like me. Even though she told me this, I still decided to pursue her, which led to my heart being broken. I got blinded by the girl and missed all the red flags – so I decided to turn that idea into this song.”