Irish rapper Alex Gough has already established himself as one of the kings of wordplay in his home nation. Consistently rattling out witty remarks and cleverly worded lyrical sentiments like a automatic machine gun, the young musician injects himself into his work with it all maintaining a very personal feel throughout. Each track he drops feels like a part of him that he’s giving us, never being afraid to show each side of himself, even the ones he’d rather keep hidden away, and allowing us to see he’s the real deal. His latest drop is certainly no exception to that rule with Dumb! being another stupidly good single from the artist.

His deep voice instantly grabs a hold of you, with the unorthodox nature of their flow it swiftly brings you headfirst into the grungy and almost rebellious soundscape he’s crafted. The thumping bassline propels the track forward as it adds a coarse edge to the character filled production, all whilst her lyrically waxes with the best. In no time at all you’ll be yelling out that hook whenever you hear it. In the car, on the bus, in the shower, at work, it doesn’t matter because you’ll be compelled to yell out, “Yeah you soundin’ pretty dumb to me!”