Kehllie’s debut Soundcloud release is something that effortlessly takes the weight of the world off your shoulders. The worries you’ve experienced throughout the week slowly melt away as her laidback drum n bass themed melodies gradually wash over you and transport you away to a serene paradise as you’re put into a bliss induced coma. All I Wanted is majestic within its unwavering simplicity. A sole spaced out beat is what the production is comprised of, no huge instrumentals just a consistent looping atmospheric beat that sets the laidback tone for her hazy vocals to beautifully soar over in wondrous fashion. It’s simply perfect for a relaxing summers day where you stick your headphones in, tan and just turn the outside world off for a few blissful minutes.

Enchanting, magical, ethereal, this track is all of this and more. Be sure to keep an eye on this artist because I’m certain this is just a small taste of the great things that are bound to come from her.