Balancing that fine line between becoming an indie pop heart-throb and a soulful crooner that’ll have you tearing up, Alfred Jones is a gifted musician. Transforming bittersweet recollections of his past into memorable sonic landscapes that help you dance through the pain. A rather charming form of catharsis.

His previous release Miracle Mile gave us all a little taste of what was to come. Then he dropped Best Interest and it was like listening to Boyz II Men collaborating with The Weeknd in the best way imaginable. Fresh with excitement but still having a familiarity behind it, the track is enticing from the get go. Swirling in melancholia thanks to the production but also having a underlying sense of hope through his committed vocal performance, you can either dance slowly in the middle of the night or have a quiet moment to yourself as this track plays on.

This Northern Virginian musician has a spark surrounding his music. A wondrous aura that draws you in, lets you bare your soul and find a place of solace to relieve your emotions. Alfred Jones, transforming the bittersweet into euphoric tracks.