AMARA ctk100 originally started out her life in London as a fashion design graduate who slowly began to immerse herself within the deep depths of the English capital’s ever expanding music scene. As time went on she began to teach herself how to produce music whilst working as both a fashion and graphic designer for musicians and emerging fashion brands. This combination has allowed this self-proclaimed laptopmusicgirl to develop a unique soundscape as well as a distinct aesthetic that draws influence from the recent rise in Y2K fashion.

Just Kidding is her latest innocent yet evil track with distorted 808’s contrasting the gentle timbre of her angelic vocal as she laments about finally seeing through someones lies and discovering who they truly are. The piece is best described as someone fusing the softly toned vocals of Billie Eilish with the hard-hitting beats that’d be present in most modern hip hop music and the quirky flair of Grimes, a match made in heaven. AMARA CTK100 is pushing boundaries and her darkly toned brooding electrotrap sound is demonstrating that with ease.