Coming from a tiny little village in the charming area of rural France in the West Coast Julien, otherwise known by his moniker Timsters, dreamed of getting away from this provincial life and escaping to the Big Apple of NYC to experience the pop culture and buzz that comes with the city that never sleeps. With a Manhattan poster hanging above his bed in his childhood home he knew his dreams would be achieved and upon quitting his job as a truck driver the artist began to get to work. Being inspired by the classic 80’s pop sound he channels his inner Prince into his nostalgia ladened soundscape with a cinematic twist that has seen his production style often be compared to M83.

Fracture is an indie pop track that you could see being featured in any John Hughes coming of age movie with the scintillating synths and rapturous guitar melodies intertwining with one another in a jubilant fashion as Timsters’ blithe infused vocals gently glide over. The honey drizzled piece was made for stadiums with the infectious joy the tracks offers making it hard not smile like a Cheshire cat as the avant-garde style of pop songwriting begins to take a hold of you and refuse to let you go. It’s retro pop with a modern twist that’s hard not to love.