Darko gives us a sad love track that is very fitting for the Tik Tok crowd. The song reminds me of the Tik Tok videos, of people talking about how they overcame something. Then, they have thousands of people commenting how proud they are of the video creator, and it is super sweet wholesome content. This song is perfect for shit like that. As soon as someone uploads a “Here is me 5 years ago when I was sad” versus “Here is me now that I am happy” video, this song will go off in the Tik Tok world.

‘Faster’, also reminds me of where a lot of EDM was at in 2014/2015, but, modernized into a Trap style beat. It is realm as ‘Happier’ by Marshmello featuring Bastille, the hit song that went viral via Tik Tok. I can hear similarities in style to artists like 9Tails, Convolk, and Lewis Capaldi. Give this song a listen, make a sad Tik Tok to it, or just add it to your playlist. Listen below.