Imagine being so badass that you release two genius tracks at once, can you? It is fairly not common to have artists dropping more than one track at a time. The Broward, FL-based artist, calling himself Dirty Harry, real name  Harry Wright, makes it seem easy to drop two flawless tracks and do it in the most professional way possible. His new releases, called “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face,” both present extremely creative mediums. The two tracks tell the artist’s story who crafted them with swag, groovy, catchy vibes, and edgy beats. 

The artist discovered his musical and poetic talent at a very young age when he found out rhyming was nothing hard for him. His lyricism is mature, poetic, and native to urban culture. Harry creates music for the streets with the spirit of the streets. His music is for and about those who work hard and praise God in their life for all they have and don’t. Both “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face” have OG vibes and Old School sounding elements that are so nostalgic to those who know the essence of real hip-hop. No doubt, the future will be bright for the artist, and we will wait for more from him, meanwhile enjoying the two recently dropped tracks.