As far as indie folk music goes, I think Babehoven might be one of my favourite artists the genre has ever produced. Ever since being introduced to their music last week, I’ve found myself consistently listening to their EPs, albums and just about any piece of musical content I can find about them. Their sound is the perfect balance between intimate storytelling and expressive artistry, allowing us all to find ourself within their beautifully crafted poetic musings, especially in their latest single. Elegantly flowing like a cascading piece of fabric in the breeze, Fugazi gently rolls along like the waves at low tide, never going too quick or too slow, just sitting at the perfect pace to get us invested within the sonic wonderland. The heart-wrenching lyrics take us away as the celestial makes the worlds around us melt away as we’re transported to their mesmerising world, all as the single gradually builds to a sweet crescendo where we hear her powerful voice belt out the cultivated lyric, “You leave me breathless.” The stellar climax to a mesmerising single that’s putting this act on the map.

Whilst Beethoven was admired for his genius orchestral symphonies, Babehoven wish to set the world alight through their insightful brand of elegant storytelling through the ever growing indie folk genre. Get ready to have their music soundtrack many a late night crying session.