If you’re a fan of Joshua Bassett and Shawn Mendes as well as classic 90’s boybands like NSYNC* and The Backstreet Boys then the latest Tik Tok sensation Haiden is going to be right up your street. His sound is infused with the songwriting prowess of contemporary male pop stars and the illustrious harmonies of the 90’s boyband era, giving him this charming aura that sees his melodies instantly take a hold of you. Whether it be in your bedroom, in the shower or on the drive to work, his music makes you want to sing your heart out like you’re performing for your life. With that in mind, prepare to be enamoured as he croons about all of his ex’s red flags that he missed until it was too late in Can’t Hurt Me.

He opens with intricate, melancholy guitar melodies that let you know this isn’t going to be an emotional affair, all before we arrive in the chorus where energised melodies turn this into a frenzied phenomenon where his emotion is brought to the forefront in pure pop glory. His broken heart is poured out over his introspective lyrics, allowing us to enter his headspace during this period of time and, as a result, console with his emotional devastation. He’s got pop songwriting down to a tee and is ready to join the ranks of Justin Timberlake and Shawn Mendes to become a pop heartthrob.

“When I posted this song on TikTok, it wasn’t even fully written, let alone recorded or produced. So for the past week, we’ve been working relentlessly to finish it and make it as impactful as I know it can be. I felt a specific type of pressure because ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ went viral in its rawest form; just me playing it on an acoustic guitar. This made producing it especially challenging because we didn’t want to take away from what made the song and the story special in the first place. I’m happy to say though, that its integrity has not only remained intact but has been amplified by the production. It is truly amazing.”