“There’s no magic in books, they’re just words strung one after another, the magic happens in the readers head. All you’ve got to do is learn to get the order right.” These are the words that changed Sam Fisher’s, otherwise known as Baby Fisher’s, life. Simple, but deeply meaningful, he began to apply these words to his music, discovering how these documentations of his life should be release and how he could bring magic to listeners. Since his debut This Is The End at the back end of 2022 he’s continued to evolve and help find ways for the listener to bring their magic into his sonic world. There’s no him without us and his latest drop continues this narrative.

Sick Of This is an evolution of the pop punk genre from the early 2000’s, adding a Gen Z flair thanks to his unique vocal styling, whilst still maintaining the essence of what the genre is all about. Life sucks, angst needs to be let out, and growing up is terrifying. Going from solemn verses that see his unfiltered thoughts flow out into our ears, to an effervescent chorus comprised of a cacophony of guitars, explosive vocal belts, and pulsating drums, Baby Fisher lets us place ourselves in the track. Our aggression is let out amongst the flurry of lyrics describing horrors of ageing in your 20’s, the fear of what’s next, and leaving people behind. He’s definitely a fisher because this song is a catch of the day.