Some of us when we’re younger get stuck with a certain personality type that friends, family, and any who interacts with us will call us. For CARYS it was being a people pleaser, someone who didn’t go out of their to help themselves but instead helped others, no matter what detrimental affect it took upon her mental health. Years have gone by since those days, and now she’s announcing to the world she’s a Recovering People Pleaser. She’s in the middle ground where these old habits are still reoccurring, but she’s working on it, evolving as a person with the aim of one day being able to put her own needs ahead of everyone else’s.

Classic pop is the perfect way to describe this track. It heartens back to the 2000’s age where she mixes catchy ear-worms with a coruscating comprised of shimmering synths and emphatic drums to create something that’s infectious and affirming. Hitting that sweet spot between uplifting and solemn, CARYS finds a balance from divulging her previous life to us, to expressing the person who she knows she’ll soon be. She’s putting all effort into herself and what she wants, not what others try to make her become.

“’Recovering People Pleaser’ is about being in that middle ground in your life when you know something has to change but you aren’t quite sure what. I am no longer who I used to be, but not sure who I truly am yet. Still don’t have all the answers but am learning to listen to my gut instead of focusing on other people’s expectations of me.”