Introducing us to the finale of his ‘BIRDSONGS’ trilogy, ‘Lightning of July’ reveals Baird’s slower and more vulnerable side, complete with a more acoustic direction and filled with delicate guitars that make you want to drive alone through the countryside with the windows down. This indie ballad reinstates Baird’s talent for eclectic genre production, ranging from electronic and more indie-rap inspired tracks, to alt-RnB and Psychedelia.

‘Lightning of July’ sets itself apart from the rest of the ‘BIRDSONG’s Vol. 3’ finale by being the moody love song of the project. Coming from the perspective of Baird unto his lover, he speaks on how one can melt away judgement and replace it with untainted love. The single not only stands apart from the rest of the project thematically but also in its instrumental palette, with lush and warm playing alongside carefree whistling giving a lazy afternoon feel.

The way the acoustic guitar plucks play in unison to Baird’s melody makes it a crime to not want to hum along, and the metaphors of chalk used make the chorus light-hearted yet despondent. The soft, easy listening production harkens back to his days as Flybear, whilst corroborating the immense progression his artistry has made in the last eight years. ‘BIRDSONGS Vol. 3’ marks the final instalment of the trilogy and is out on all platforms March 10th via EQT.