What comes to mind when you hear the name Hans Williams? Perhaps his previously released, heart-throbbing record “Body on My Shoulders” where he beautifully explains his experience as the first responder to a suicide within his dorm where he stayed during his freshman year at Tulane University. The 21-year-old independent singer-songwriter, guitar extraordinaire, and Vermont native never seems to disappoint. Due to this, we are back covering another Hans record, which is nothing shy of incredible… the track is All Is Well.

The song feels like a much-needed sequel to Body on My Shoulders. Hans says it “serves as a reminder that everybody needs support regardless of whether they ask for it directly”. When deciphering the lyrics, a listener can embrace Hans’ story about hiding his struggles from friends out of fear of overburdening them. To further explain this feeling, Hans says:

“I felt like I was opening up someone else’s wound at the expense of closing my own.”

Hans hopes by providing clarity to his own stressors and burdens, he will inspire others to have the conversation about emotional support within their respective friend groups.

The acoustic-folk-inspired vocals flawlessly mesh with the guitalele-based production, which was made by Hans Williams himself, with the essential help of close childhood friend and frequent co-producer Phin Choukas. There is a beauty in the simplicity of the instrumental in this track, allowing the story embedded in Hans’ lyrics to shine right through. Although, don’t be fooled! The counter-melodies that are riddled throughout the track are extremely well thought out additions to the overall piece of work, something that no simple-minded creative would be able to accomplish.

With rumors of a debut EP in the fall of 2022, it’s a perfect time to become a fan of Hans Williams. Coming off a sold-out show at Mercury Lounge in New York City (1/13/22) and nearing 100,000 monthly listeners, the message is clear… Hans has indisputable promise.