Saudade. That is what BANNERS music is. A beautiful sadness intertwined with a thrilling jubilance that makes us experience almost every emotion of the human spectrum through his rapturous soundscape. His introspective lyrics paint the canvas with a mournful brush, showcasing his ruminative thoughts that’ve transitioned into artful storytelling, whilst his high-spirited production of emphatic drums and jaunty guitar melodies contrast this entirely. When you go to a BANNERS show you’re expected to cry your eyes out as vivid flashbacks to an unhappier time enter the fray, but also dance like Dwight Schrute at a Christmas party and his latest release will certainly do that.

The poignant lyrics of Happier are utterly heartbreaking. We see BANNERS begin to contemplate his partner and whether they’d be happier with someone else than they are with him. His evokes this emotion effortlessly, forming an instant connection where we begin to feel sympathy for him, wishing his mind wasn’t punishing him for being so head over heels for somebody. Throughout the production builds, going from lullaby-esque acoustic guitar melodies to a cinematic finale that gives me visions of running off into the distance, tears in my eyes as you abandon the world behind you and finally live for you. Get this in an A24 coming of age movie ASAP.