Okay everyone, it’s time to grab the tissues, grab a blanket, get close to the fireplace and cry our eyes out to another melancholia inducing tearjerker from the renowned pop singer songwriter John K. You dive into his discography you’ll inundated with heart-wrenching pieces of pop that let us unleash our down-hearted emotions without the fear of being judged by those around us. His timeless ballads have struck a chord with his fanbase with a wide-array of fans letting their guard down to express how his music has changed their life or helped them grow as a person. I have no doubt that his fans will be doing the same today once they hear something worth working on.

We’re often told that fighting in a relationship is the first sign that the cracks are forming or that it’s become a toxic relationship, however John K perceives it as something else. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, he see these arguments as what makes the relationship real and what defines you as a couple. His conversational lyrics performed with the utmost conviction, making every word pierce through your heart as the soaring elevates the emotion to fever pitch. The love, the affection, the admiration, you feel it all through this lush ballad and it’s clear to see how much he cares about his partner. Grab a boombox and play this outside whoever your dating’s house.

“I was heading to a writing camp, and I was leaving my wife and newborn son for the first time. We got into an argument before I left which continued via text, but before I landed, she threw me a lifeline and waved the white flag—even though I probably should’ve been the one to. Noticing her grace in that moment, I told her I loved her and said, ‘We have something worth working on’. I told the story to my co-writers. In no time, we fully explored what ‘something worth working on’ meant. So often we are told that fighting is a sign of an unhealthy relationship—and though sometimes that’s true—I really believe that sometimes the fight is what makes the relationship real.”