Gender fluid musician BEBELUNA comes from a family of Somalian immigrants who arrived in London long before the artist was born. They often faced an internal battle within the confides of their own home where they wanted to express themselves and show the world who they truly were as well as what they were capable of, but being in a deep religious household made it quite tricky for the young musician. So upon turning 16 Bebe left home and began to seek refuge within London underground music scene and soon found a place where they were unafraid to be unapologetically themselves. This journey is what made Bebe the artist they are today and their debut EP dissects the long road they took to get to where they are today.

Throughout ECDYSIS we’re introduced to the enthralling bedroom pop sound comprised of disjointed 808’s, idiosyncratic soundscapes and a compelling vocal that makes the emotion feel all the more raw. However it’s the lyrics that make this project, Bebe takes you by the hand and guides you through their turbulent story to get to where they are now. You see the euphoria inducing highs and soul-crushing lows in quick succession that makes you grow a connection with this rising artist that becomes akin to how you feel about your closest friends and family. You hear the story and let the music take you their to experience it with them.

Whether it be through emotionally invigorating numbers like 22, Rex Orange County-esque numbers like Awake or short but sweet interludes like Mirror, this EP will leave a long lasting impact on you with thought provoking questions that’ll remain on your mind long after the tracks have finished playing.