I’ve often heard people say that certain songs belong in a movie, whether it be John Green themed coming of age flicks or the Oscar bait movies that often leave people yawning, but I’ve never heard of song that is a movie. That was until I heard Bekah Brooke’s self proclaimed little miracle song Drive for the first time, transforming a sonic experience into one that’s ready for the silver screen. You become a fly on a wall, watching over Brooke during a rocky period of her relationship as her and her partner realise they’re not meant to be. Neither wants to say it, so they begin going on long car trips when it gets rough and pretend that all is fine with the world. It bought them some time but inevitably ended.

A blend between Lana Del Rey and Olivia Rodrigo, melancholia seeps through the pores of the soundscape before cascading down onto you. A deep connection is formed where you feel the bittersweet experience she’s going through. The joy of these road-trips where the tension is turned off, soon followed by the deep routed sadness of knowing this won’t last for much longer. Her voice is sublime, creating a balancing act between the two emotions she’s portraying like a modern day Philippe Petit, whilst her tenderly penned production gives her every opportunity to soar through the sky. Slap an A24 logo on this and it’d be their next summer blockbuster.