Finding beauty behind pain is a core part of creating beautifully lovelorn music where, upon listening, tears soon cascade down your face like Niagara falls. The Cornish musician Billie Flynn makes this process seem as easy as breathing, her ethereal vocal delicately brings her intricate poetic musings to life in magical ways that delicately navigates us through her memory vault. Her music is best experienced on a rainy night, lights off, eyes closed and headphones in, allowing her vulnerability to trickle down into her intimate soundscape and form a long lasting connection with you in a wistful moment of catharsis. As her poignant narratives play out over a minimal production, you’ll soon be blowing your nose into a tissue as she astounds you with her talent. Want proof? Well it’s time to experience Someone’s Daughter and live out the emotionally evocative fantasy.

Coming from her own personal struggle, the dulcet tones of her voice make the emotion simply palpable, every note oozes heartfelt passion as her trauma filled lyrics delicately weave their way into your soul. This vulnerable anthem is made to soundtrack your late night crying sessions, allowing the emotion to take hold and let you experience a euphonic moment of catharsis. Wrap yourself up in Billie Flynn’s heavenly music now, you won’t regret it.