Reggae fusionist Heidi Tiffany has proven to be a vocal standout once again with the release of her new single, ‘Fire’.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

The song powerfully depicts a story of love between two individuals who are wrapped in a nest of melodies, sending her fans into a frenzy of musical bliss.

I had a good feeling about this project the moment I finished recording because it has so much emotion in it that I knew my fans would resonate well with it. The feelings expressed in the single are feelings that most females experience when they find a man that treats them right so that within itself makes the single a favourite among my female audience, said Heidi Tiffany.

I am pleased with the overall direction of my career especially since other producers are hearing the sound and looking to work with me. So far I have connected with a few and we have projects in the pipeline set to release this summer in a bid to keep the momentum going, she added.

Heidi reveals that her team is nearing completion on her EP while putting a big promotional muscle behind ‘Fire.’

My EP is definitely one to look out for because my fans will get a chance to experience Heidi in her many musical forms. The EP is set to be released year end through Shavel Entertainment and I am excited to share it with my supporters because there is a song to fit every mood and I am positive everyone who hears will find a favorite, she said.

Watch and listen to ‘Fire’.