The dreamy indie pop sound of milk. is like something out of a classic John Hughes’ movie. Their emotionally driven yet nostalgically ladened soundscape makes you feel like the main character in a coming of age movie, which is only proven more with their latest release You’re So. Creating a blend of heart-wrenching guitar riffs that give flashbacks to your youth amidst a flurry of emphatic drums and a subtle bassline, they craft music that speaks to your soul unlike any Irish band around right now. The vocal shimmers and shines like the moon in the nights sky, each note of their dulcet tone creating a euphonic emotional resonance that lulls you into their delicate soundscape before hitting you with powerful vehemence. It’s an ode to those who don’t know how to express their love to someone and, only when writing down, question whether or not it was love at all. Their lyrics weave this narrative around you as if it were an Emmy award winning romantic drama before ending on dance inducing climax that feature a lush saxophone that will knock you off of your feet.

If you’re a fan of The 1975, LANY or any form of modern nostalgic pop then the Irish troubadours milk. are someone you need to listen to. They won’t be milking their talent dry anytime soon.

“‘You’re So.’ is a song I wrote when I was younger and thought I was in love. I had no idea how to convey that to another person at the time and so I decided to list the reasons why, which later made me realise I wasn’t really in love.”