For the past few years Nathan Menon has been making music under many a moniker but under his new artistic title Bliss Samsa, he feels fully at home. His debut Father Figure dives head first into the ecosystem of British soul from the early 80’s, with a ethereal vocal performance being reminiscent of the iconic Fine Young Cannibals, and a production that mixes contemporary Brit pop with the funk driven elements that made I-Level such a rousing success. It’s a melding of the old and the new, creating a sonic identity that becomes something every generation can fall head over heels for, be it the Gen Z’s who’re looking for a single to lose themselves within or Millennials who’ve wanted to be transported back to their youth. Helping his case further is Samsa’s natural over-arching storytelling flickering between the funk driven soundscape, letting you choose between the impulsive emotion coming from the poignant lyrics or the feel good nature of the pulsating production. With this debut you truly get the best of both worlds.

From the celestial nature of the falsetto lead vocal to the personality drawn from his charismatic performance, the Indian born artist Bliss Samsa is not afraid to pursue his artistic endeavours by expressing his own beliefs and stories. Be prepared to witness something magnificent with this artist, as this is just the beginning with this debut.