Max Drazen’s debut pop single “Let Me Down Slow” will have you both bopping your head to the infectious claps and drums while simultaneously reminiscing memories of a person you wish you could forget with the easy digestible and relatable lyrics.

A contradictory happy bop with lyrics to make you really listen, Drazen starts the track off with thoughtful wishing of their old significant other apologizing and coming back telling him he’s the best they’ve ever had even if it is a lie. Heated statements and words of regret slowly transition into the constant questioning of why he continues to hold on after all what the other did, when in reality he just wanted something real. During the chorus, he begins to state possible reasons why he simply can’t let them go, almost as though a real conversation in the end was never had and they “let him down slow”. The second chorus continues on to hearing about gossip through the grapevine of his ex being with someone new and who they thought to be fake, but I “guess it’s true that people change”. The pre-chorus after the second verse slowly begins to state reasonable realizations that it’s just simply time to move on while at the same time comparing one’s self-worth to the new person the ex is seeing.

Production wise, “Let Me Down Slow” starts with a nice build up of synth and echoed lyrics then a slapping great bass before the first chorus begins. Throughout the verses, punchy drums along with the synth are introduced with some claps. I personally love the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge as it makes Max’s lyrics and voice really shine. The mixing and slow down of the pre-chorus has you hearing isolated claps. The chorus is introduced with strong power chords and kicking drums before picking the beat back up. The bridge is introduced with a picking guitar solo that accompanies the beat perfectly.

If you are a fan of Charlie Puth, Bazzi, or Alexander 23, Max Drazen is a strong songwriter and artist that everyone should keep an eye out on. I’m excited to see what he has in store and look forward to seeing him live in the future