A little over a year ago we compared Mia Giovina to Olivia Rodrigo with her songwriting being in the same vein with her utterly outstanding lyrics and beautifully sincere storytelling. Now it’s all come full circle with Rodrigo giving Giovina the thumbs up of approval on TikTok with her latest release Go Getter.

I’ve heard people refer to this track as their Joker and I can honestly see why. This is Giovina’s best track to date with dramatic drums upping the drama of the narrative with her passionate voice transforming this into a Oscar winning movie for your mind to enjoy. Building throughout to a grand conclusion, we start off with a whisper vocal delicately cascading over the sinister guitar riff with an animosity growing in the underbelly, all before launching into a frenzied finale that leaves you reeling at the emotional devastation Giovina has left in her path.

It has become quite clear over the years that this young musician has possessed an old soul that has made her songwriting so impactful. She weaves a sonic tapestry that you follow, enamoured by every minute detail that you come across and it’s become clear that this talent is only growing.