Ever since stumbling across his debut EP 16 a few months I’ve indulged myself into the dark depths of Boon’s haunting, twisting and spiralling music filled with his signature gritty vocals and genre-defying soundscape that has seem him garner so much praise. The Nashville native has become one of the hottest prospects on the scene right now and it doesn’t look like his momentum is going to shift anytime soon with his latest single You undoubtably propelling the 16 year old even further on his ascent to chart glory and global domination.

The brooding nature of the production comprised of ominous melodies, robustly dynamic blues guitar solos and a cacophony of explosive synths lends captures the inner turmoil of being in a bad relationship with someone whilst simultaneously being thankful that at least it’s not with as bad as the last one. It’s a bombastic affair taking influences from classic blues rock legends whilst simultaneously looking to the future with high-spirited trap beats that come together in this swirling case of fever pitched emotion. This is only the beginning with this young artist.