There’s an unmistakable charm that comes pouring out of the Greek-Cypriot, Welsh, Irish, Londoner Phoebe AXA’s music that makes everything she produces such a jubilant experience for all involved. The bedroom pop artist has such a candid way with her lyrics that she makes you feel like you’re best friends and she’s confessing all her personal grievances, issues and inner turmoil to you, meaning you make an instant connection within the sonic universe she’s crafted. That’s what I love about her sound though, she airs out her own insecurities to us all so that we all have a place of solace to come to when our issues become too much.

She’s already come out of the gates swinging in 2020 with her debut track Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) and now she’s coming out all guns a blazing within her sophomore single Things. The piece still maintains her bedroom pop sound with buoyant synth beats leading the production with cheery melodies backing her vocals up as she deliver her earnest lyricisms about how she often overthinks causing anxiety and other issues that begin to consume her, as she explains further below:

“‘Things’ is that one thought that plants the seed in your head and before you know it, you have a jungle. It’s about anyone who overthinks, giving up an attachment, paranoia and insecurities consuming you.”

She’s a pop musician with a difference who manages to create music that the masses can all enjoy as well as relate to. At just 19 years of age she’s shown she possesses a songwriting talent that is well beyond her years and we have no doubt she’ll continue to excel as the year goes on.