There is a huge difference between a good rapper and a good musician. A good rapper creates the kind of music that rides the tide of current musical trends. It always sounds familiar and current, usually by using the same style, sounds, samples, topics -just mainstream. And a good musician is the one who cares about what his listeners will be listening to. The good musician crafts music that dives deeper than the current wave of the industry. Its relevance is more than skin deep which can be found on a cultural level.

Listening to Lay B’s (Global Status Inc. signee) debut project, an EP titled Iconic Measure, we can say with confidence that this man has all the qualities to become not only just a good rapper but also a good musician. Following his father’s chosen path, Lay B started polishing his skills in rapping in order to become one of the most complete artists in the game, with his debut EP Iconic Measure.
His unique sound shows that he isn’t pushing any boundaries outside of the traditional songwriting formulas, while deriving inspiration from musical influences such as Tupac, Biggie Smallz,  Eminem, and others.

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