Boys World are prepping themselves up to become the world’s next huge girl band. With a gapping whole being left by the likes of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony disbanding, we’ve been craving a stellar new girl group that offered something a bit different but were still able to deliver outstanding pop tracks. Boys World perfectly slot into that hole. For the past few years they’ve been putting out non-stop bangers, building a loyal following that cheer with glee whenever they drop a hairbrush microphone, belting track. They’ve been criminally underrated for too long but with the release of SO WHAT they’re about to go from criminally underrated to globally recognised.

From the intoxicating hook that countless pop heavy-hitters would be jealous of and the sensational vocal performance to the stellar choreography you’d expect from a K-POP group and the Y2K aesthetic with a modern twist, this is pop glory. Each member of this group has global superstar potential with the whistle tone notes, high-octane choreography, fervent rapping and charisma that pours out of them like a waterfall, there’s no girl group out there right now as good as them. It’s Boys World and we’re all just living in it, be prepared for them to take over.