Writing about the worst moments in your life is a cathartic release for many musicians. A chance for them to let pen their frustrations down on paper, letting the emotion cascade out of them in a fervent tsunami of pent up fury and often result in some of the best music they’ve ever written. It happened with Adele and we got Someone Like You, it happened to Fleetwood Mac and we got one of the best albums of all time in Rumours, and today Landon Conrath believes he’s created his best song to date during one of the darkest points of his life.

Stranger than fiction, better than art, Science Fiction is a poignant track regarding his own battle with depression. Rawly proclaiming how his chemistry owns him, how his own body is holding him captive and ruining his life due to the imbalance he’s often precariously trying to navigate. He doesn’t want it to be real, he wants it to be fiction (as the title suggests) and slams the door shut on the world outside wanting people to leave him be and deal with it in his own way. Conrath pulls back the curtain to show us something uncharacteristically real, allowing his audience to get a better grip on his own battle with mental health and how he’s struggling but still pursuing a creative career he adores. With the likes of Shawn Mendes recently pulling out of his tour due to mental health concerns, this track couldn’t of come at a better time to help people understand.

“I think this is my favourite song I’ve ever written, and it’s about the worst thing in my life. I wrote this song about depression, which was something I never thought I struggled with until this last year of my life. The line ‘my chemistry owns me’ was really the one that stuck with me the most. I felt like my brain ruled my life in a way that I didn’t agree with. In the chorus when it says, ‘slam the door or tell me that it’s science fiction,’ I basically just wanted people to leave me alone before admitting that my depression was real.”