All of Unusual Demont’s song up to this point have been about love, however this time around he set himself a challenge. He wanted to make a full load, head over heels love song that you’d stick at the end of a rom-com, get down on one knee and propose to or have it at the top of your playlist for your significant other to let them know just how much you care. Heck, you can even put it as your favourite song in your Tinder profile because, lets face it, people usually swoon when they see great taste in music. After much trial and error he’s achieved his goal though, with Sugar being a sweet delight that’ll reinvigorate the butterflies in your stomach.

Designed to replicate the feeling falling for someone, Unusual Demont has us doing flips for this track as it is a luscious R&B love song for the modern era. His fire wordplay allows you to enter this loved up headspace, viewing everything around you in rose-tinted glasses, making everything become overly saccharine and sweetly sentimental. His honey drizzled vocals glazes over the soundscape as he artfully portrays being madly in love, encouraging you to rush over to your partner, sweep them off their feet, and proclaim your love for them as if you were in a Nicholas Sparks novel. Unusual Demont simply does not disappoint.