We’ve entered an era of music where an artist doesn’t have to fit into a singular box anymore. They can be as many genre as they wish to be, evolving as time goes on, going into different eras with a different message, sound and even personality as they showcase a new side to themselves that previous hidden. That’s what Lilyisthatyou’s latest EP is all about, exploring the vast raft of characteristic her sound can take, tackling a wide variety of issues along the way whilst still maintaining her core songwriting talents. So lets dive head first into her new EP and be marvelled by the diverse range of characters this young musician is able to play in The Character.

Tackling subjects that range from the ridiculous standards women are given from birth to the ever grow concern of climate change, the EP is able to hit your hard with meaningful lyrics whilst allowing you to lose yourself in the thriving pop sound. FMRN is her runaway hit and it’s clear to see why that it is, For Eve is a house banger that Beyonce wishes she had on Renaissance and then we transition into Bad Energy that’s a self love anthem, encouraging you to unabashedly love yourself and block out the noise of others who bring you down. Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls will be a club banger by the end of the year, LSD is a vibe filled affair that showcases the power behind her vocal and Competition is the grand finale that will have you punching your first in the air, proudly proclaiming your own individual victory. The world might not recognise Lilyisthatyou right now, but give sometime and she’ll become OMGit’sLily.

“In my world, I want to play as many characters as I can and explore all the possibilities of my music sonically, conceptually, and visually. I want to take control and relish what it means to be an artist of this generation. I want to help my fans live and deeply express themselves through all the pain and pleasure that is now.”