Before I get into anything today, this is a warning to those who get lost in their feelings. Hearing Braden Bales’s voice, will make you stop dead in your tracks. If you enjoy artists such as Zac Greer, Ed Sheeran, or the Kid Laroi, then you should tune into his new single ‘IT’S MY FAULT?’ When I tell y’all that it made me shed some tears, it drew me on board with his journey in the sonic sea. Within the first ten seconds, I became encapsulated by the constant juxtaposition that Braden delivered through his heart-catching lyrics and eclipsing self-produced sound.

Brewing with star potential, this self-producing and writing protege is in the making to be one of this year’s upcoming artist. You may ask, Michael, don’t most artists nowadays do that? I would say yes, but the most noticeable difference, is within his ability to vocally deliver by connecting to his audience versus others who fill an empty sound. Complimenting dreamy production draws your attention to the depth of pain this girl left my boy with. If you haven’t heard already, click the play button below to descend into a fresh take of alt-pop, will leave you comprehending the artistry I’ve been writing about.