The Seattle native Braden Ross goes from crooning an acoustic driven ballad that’s akin to one of the more tender singles My Chemical Romance would release, to a full hyperpop driven eruption of electronic tones clashing together in a vibrant array of expressive melodies in his latest single. Sun opens with just a simple guitar melody that highlight the pain within Ross’ voice, giving me clear flashbacks to Red Jump Suit Apparatus’ single Guardian Angel, all whilst his tormenting lyrics pierce our heart with the evocative emotion on display. Then we have the latter part of the single, going from tender emotion and keeping it bottled up inside to unleashing it with all the glory you can possibly imagine. Sublime electronics exploding the single into life with a warped effect being placed over Ross’ voice to show the erratic nature of the pain he’s experiencing, going from numbness to feeling like someones stabbed you straight in the heart.

Braden Ross portrays his emotions with an authentic honesty that’s hard to describe. He openly expresses struggle with self-hatred, whilst also highlighting the importance of self-love in our society in a profound yet simplistic way so that everyone can understand his message. He’s a gem in the hyperpop scene and continues to show it today.