Opting to take the route of remaining relatively silent across his social media channels; Brent de la Cruz has broken the mold of what an artist needs to be in the modern day and age. He refuses to fall into the pool of promoting his music on Tik Tok, because all he wants to do is create the music he loves. 

He delivers a sound that slots in seamlessly with the industries most successful, leaving me to predict that it is only a matter of time before his meteoric rise. 

So far, Brent’s catalog contains a few (very well received) singles, and most recently, his debut project Finding Boo

The project itself bends genres with avatar-like control and leaves something for fans of all sounds to take in. Whether it’s with hyper-pop and rap infusion on tracks like Interlude and Mistress, the range of emotions that come with thinking of the future on Dreaming, Forever, and Missing in Action, or with the breakout hit Perfect, this project has everything – including a new favorite song to show your friends. 

In the grand scheme of things Brent is still very early in his career, but as his name gets around, success for him is just around the corner. You can stream Brent de la Cruz’s latest project Finding Boo on all platforms.