Jonny Lemons is ready for the world to know his name but it’ll be on his own terms. The Arizona native recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, with plans of finding new opportunity in the music Industry as well as growth in his sound.

Jonny spent some of the earlier months of last year working on and releasing his producer project LmnDrp, Vol.1. Following that release, Jonny took some inspiration from the Lofi R&B scene and decided it was time to make a change and try something new creatively with his last few singles.When asked what sparked the change of sound, Jonny shared this: “My ultimate goal as I continue to release more music is keep defining that lane until it’s completely and unapologetically mine.”

Jonny’s recent release “Alone” represents his ability to articulate the struggles with mental health and feeling just like he says in the track-alone -but learning to conquer those feelings and use them as a stepping stone to reach for better days. Jonny had this to share about “Alone”: “It’s about finding yourself after a deep relationship… It pays homage to those of us that have all made it out the other side of sadness.” Using his platform to be vulnerable with listeners and to share his experiences through music was something that really caught my attention. As a music lover, I found his vocal range and flow had me coming back to this track listen after listen.