The Mexican-Honduran musician judith has been someone we’ve praised heavily in the past. Her bubbly brand of alternative pop has this knack for breaking down barriers, wriggling its way into your subconscious and, before too long, filling you with an unbridled joy that you rarely get from an artist singing about difficult subject matters. That’s what I admire most about the craft she has within her soundscape, she’s able to juxtapose the sombre lyrics with a buoyant 8-bit pop production where you’ll either find solace in the lyrics or lose your mind to the melodies, take your pick. The best way to describe it is if Princess Peach and Bowser met up in a booth and did a collaboration, which is a phrase I never thought I’d write.

DND continues to showcase her renowned juxtaposing talents. She interlaces her sound with playful lyrics reference iconic pieces of pop culture like Angry Birds and the Krusty Krab, trying to play off the sadness she’s feeling with a lighthearted take on the situation. Whilst the jubilant melodies that transport you to the land of bubblegum pop and 8-bit pixel gaming, her lyrics are discussing a deeper battle with mental health that’s a consistent struggle. It’s a sublime take on a subject that’s featured in a plethora of tracks. As per usual, judith’s flair helps her smash it out of the park with her screen still in tact.